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Sea Kayak Adventures

Sea Kayak Adventures started operations in 2011 in Playa Santa Teresa , Mal Pais , Costa Rica

We are a very strong team dedicated to enjoy nature as much as we can . We love to show people from all around the world this magic place in the southern peninsula de Nicoya . Our idea about kayak fishing is to find the way  to do what we love (fishing) with the most ecological techniques as possible . When paddling people will enjoy wildlife without noisy engines around , this makes kayaking the best way  to share this beautiful place with turtles , birds and fish .

Our Guides

Alexander Graham (USA)

Martin Petterson (Sweden)

Pablo Hein (Uruguay)

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About the place

The Peninsula of Nicoya has one of the most beautiful landscapes you will find . Sunset and sunrise are magic moments when people at the beach meet to enjoy one more day in paradise . Weather here is pretty hot all year round , with two different seasons dry and rainy. Dry season is better for fishing from November thru May we get very few and almost no rain . Rainy season means green all over the place and also good waves . From june until october south swells are constantly hitting our coastline bringing tropical storms once in a while . Amazing beaches and different tours options will not let you get bored during your holidays in this place.

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